A Wide Array of Vocal and Music Services

I am Mario Cruz, a voice teacher and vocal coach with more than 30 years of experience in the musical theater and performance space. My lessons are personalized to your voice and style, and designed to help you achieve your goals as a performer and artist, whatever that may mean to you. Here are some additional areas of expertise that I can offer you:

  • Voice Teacher

    As a voice teacher, I work with vocalists to maximize their range, style, and technique. This is done through a wide range of personalized exercises.

  • Vocal Coach

    My job as a vocal coach is to help students build out and refine their repertoire. Most commonly, this includes assistance in finding, selecting, and rehearsing material appropriate for an upcoming audition, while at the same time leveraging their individual vocal strengths.

  • Cocktail Piano

    If you are looking for a cocktail piano player in the New York Metro area, my particular playing style is perfect for private functions, wedding receptions, and other similar special events. I specialize in light jazz, pop, and show tunes.

  • Music Director & Accompanist

    I possess more than three decades’ worth of experience as a music director at all levels and venue types. In my work with solo performers, I am available to collaborate with vocalists who need assistance in putting together and rehearsing solo cabaret acts. . I tend to gravitate more toward Contemporary Broadway and popular style genres, but am well versed in a variety of styles.

Contact Me

My business is based in New York, NY. I serve clients in the Greater Manhattan area. If you are interested in the services I provide, feel free to reach out to me today.